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Welcome to the Skye Shilasdair Shop and Exhibition


The Skye Shilasdair Shop is set in a stunning location on the remote Waternish peninsular in the North West of the Isle of Skye.

We specialise in yarns which, having been naturally dyed by Shilasdair, the Skye Yarn Company, reflect the colours we often experience around us. The dyes are created using natural ingredients such as local plants like tansy, meadowsweet and heather, as well as natural dyestuffs from further afield such as indigo, logwood, madder and cochineal.


In addition we stock small quantities of yarn from local flocks of Hebridean sheep and hand-spun Skye alpaca.

Browse these pages to see examples of our original knitwear designs which are available, in your choice of colours and specification, both ready knitted or as knit-kits for those who prefer to do it themselves.